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Customer Comments and a Sharing of Thoughts

Pat Schultz has been making almost all my custom pieces of jewelry for myself and my family and friends since 2008. Many of the custom pieces I have asked him to make are at my specification and others I have asked him to take artistic license and both have always come through beautifully. Pat has a genuine talent of design and being able to engineer precious metals and stones into art and conversations pieces as well as repairing, reworking, and rebuilding heirlooms. I have been completely ruined for anything other than custom work now and I trust no one more to not only make what I want but to do so on time and be completely satisfied with the results than Pat Schultz.

Wendy LeGate

Sparks, NV


Such amazing jobs you have done for my family of treasures we found in the desert!!  I love the design you came up with for the stone I found in Boulder, NV.  (My boulder from Boulder as I call it,) 

It is so unique! So glad to have found such a trusting, capable and creative artist to take care of my jewelry!


Sparks, NV


I received my solitaire diamond engagement ring and gold wedding band in 1963.  After decades of wear, the bands had worn thin and needed replacement. I was unsure how I would replace the rings but knew I wanted a more modern, custom-designed look. So I met with Pat and together we created my vision. Later, I was thrilled when my husband placed this dazzling new ring on my finger!  It is truly an exquisite heirloom that I will treasure.

D. Oliver

No California

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