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Pat's Story

A Native Nevadan …

Pat grew up in mining towns throughout Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado.  His father, Fran Schultz, worked as a mining engineer in gold, copper and silver mines, an industry often subject to frequent relocations.  It’s possible that Pat’s interest in precious metals and gemstones may have had its beginning in these early years.  Going back even earlier, his Grandfather Schultz was a silversmith by trade who arrived in this country, circa 1900, and worked for the prestigious Lunt Silversmiths in Massachusetts.

 Pat spent his early years in Cuba, New Mexico, a small town located in the Four Corners area. Cuba, NM is close to the Navajo reservation, and Pat remembers, “looking forward to weekends at his friend’s homes, playing around with making jewelry and creating sand paintings.”

During his freshman year, he attended a Pueblo Art School for a training session that would strongly influence his chosen career.

Pat’s Bio …

The Reno area has been Pat Schultz’s home for over 35 years. His gold-smithing apprenticeship began in 1991 at the Gem Gallery, where he was a custom goldsmith for 13 years.

An avid interest in hand engraving led him to GRS Western Engraving in Emporia, Kansas where he attended classes in 1996. He also attended classes in Susanville, CA in hard metal and gun engraving.

Prior to founding his own business in 2016, Pat worked for 12 years at Michael and Son as a custom goldsmith and hand engraver. During this time it was said that … “Pat is always willing to take on projects other jewelers say can’t be done! 

Photo: Kralicek Photography

Pat & Terri Schultz

Pat and Terri’s days are filled with activity. Pat works diligently to meet his custom work timetable; while also designing new pieces for his collection of fine jewelry for sale. 

In addition to owning and managing his local jewelry business, Pat is also an accomplished cook and ardent gardener. And, if you have some time, I’m sure he would love to talk with you about trains; he is quite the aficionado.

Terri retired from her position as a Field Supervisor with Washoe County Regional Animal Services after 25 years of service.  She now enjoys working with Pat at the jewelry store, spending time gardening, and keeping up with the many projects around their homestead. 

When Pat and Terri finally get some downtime, you’ll usually find them at home with family or friends dropping by; or, they’re taking off on a leisurely road trip and experiencing new and exciting places. 


Our family celebrating Father’s Day …

L-R: Johnny Schultz with Beckett Schultz, Kirsten Schultz with Blake Schultz, Lance Cirone and Ellie Cirone with Pat Schultz, Terri Schultz with Amanda Schultz Cirone and Joe Cirone.  Wishing you all a wonderful year!

Photo 2022: by Amanda Rabe • Kralicek Photography