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The Art of Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is carried out using a hammer and chisel, also known as the “hand push” method. The engraving tool is called a burin, and has a wooden handle with a tool bit, called a graver, inserted into it.

By sharpening it to a precise geometry, you can cut or incise the metal. It’s a very tedious process where each line is one cut at a time. At the same time it is definitely rewarding when the finished product is proudly worn or used by the customer.

Today the hand push method may be replaced by a pneumatically driven tool operated by air under pressure. This method, called power assisted engraving, produces the same result but doesn’t take the driving force of your hand. It is simply a tool and doesn’t take the “hand” out of hand engraving.

It takes years to master the skill of hand engraving, and there are few shortcuts.

The exquisite beauty of this age-old technique is immediately visible; but it is fast becoming a lost art.

Pat has been engraving on precious metals for over 25 years.

His customized work has included rings, pendants, money clips, belt buckles, and other objets d’art.

Make a lasting impression !

Hand Engraved Sterling Accessories

Your new hand-engraved Money Clip can accommodate your business or credit cards, and inscriptions are available on selected items. The Accessory gallery below features a selection of design styles. Western Scrolling and Celtic Knots are a couple of customer favorites. However. if you have a custom design in mind, Pat will be more than happy to explore the possibilities with you.

This gallery features a variety of popular styles. If you are interested in ordering a money clip or other accessory for yourself, or for that special person in your life, please contact Schultz’s Creations to discuss your preferred style and customization.